What We Do

With our business acumen and a deep understanding of the value chain from bitumen to refined products, Lee & Doma Energy Group assists clients in commercial strategy development, major negotiations and business decision making processes. Our expertise, passion for excellence and collaborative approach will support clients to achieve the following:

  1. (i) analyze and understand complex market and commercial issues,
  2. (ii) define plausible future scenarios impacting those issues; and
  3. (iii) create significant and sustained commercial value through robust strategy development and informed decision making.

Oil Sands Development Strategy — we can help you answer important strategic questions

Crude Oil Marketing and Refinery Supply — we can provide expertise to ensure oil netbacks are maximized and opportunity crudes identified

Pipelines and Infrastructure — we can work with you to identify infrastructure gaps & opportunities, and to provide producer and refiner perspectives

M&A and Commercial Negotiations — we can support your team in maximizing enterprise and commercial value